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label: Virgin Babylon Records (Japan) / PIR▲.MD RECORDS (Mexico)
Contributing Authors

DOUBLE REMIXED LPs:"polymorphism vs remixes [壱]" / "polymorphism vs remixes [弐]"

format: digital

type: double LPs (albums)

release date: 2013.11.14

label: PIR▲.MD Records

remixers of [壱]: Kamutao, DOC Mastermind, BLKrKRT, Babel Mètis, Earversible, htrspltn, motes, Shoveem, Cltrlsndtrck, gabonan, Lidly, Tom Bombadil, Go Dugong, Dungeon Destroyah, Tall,Drk, Marrak, Eets, Vimana Aircraft, 食品まつり a.k.a. foodman, Ayl_E, Xavier Bonfill, Hirotaka Shirotsubaki 

remixers of [弐]: メトロノリ, Trabajo, André Uhl, Miyuki, axion117, mus.hiba, Go Yama, Aurélius, Magic Nanna, Earthquake Island, Kryone, Med Lin, liquid.sunshine., DENZITY, Ninja Camel, mononomonooto, mgkrp, Doc Heller, Mr. Vampire and his magic sound on fire, Harmful Logic,  Le Real 現実, James Frank. (bonus tune as ‘frooooonknstn’) 

total 44 remixers / runtime: 63minutes x 2

artwork: filmout

other: each album folder includes 22PDFs. these are trading-card-game like introduction of remixers (language is japanese). and, each album folder includes a special artwork. it moves on your browser!!!!!

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