canooooopy got busted.

archive of all works by canooooopy.

label: Virgin Babylon Records (Japan) / PIR▲.MD RECORDS (Mexico)
Contributing Authors

FREE EP: "寂と瞬く混成体 [wordless enhanced glittery blend]"

format: digital

type: EP (album?)

release date: 2013.11.30

label: Virgin Babylon Records

tracks: 7 

01: 金窟の壁読みたち [dungeon walldecoders]

02: 影ちぎり行灯はゆく [soldier lamps scamper]

03: 下水の平穏 [a day in the sewer]

04: 骨蒔く真鍮馬 [boneprints of brasshorses]

05: 傘鳴らす頃には [in the umbrellic season]

06: 透ける子どもは夜光る [hello permeated nocturnal kids]

07: 合わせ鏡の原子鍛冶 [the mirrored atomsmith]

total run time: 17 minutes

price: free download

artwork: filmout

from Virgin Babylon Records on Facebook:

sampled & collaged world’s end girlfriend sound.
the profile is “100% sampling technique“only.
the equipment to use is “GarageBand” only.

to celebrate joining to Virgin Babylon Records,
still very mysterious canooooopy releases new album
“寂と瞬く混成体 [wordless enhanced glittery blend]” for free download.
almost all sounds are taken from various world’s end girlfriend songs.
canooooopy did sampling and collage then and creates brand-new reborn music.

canooooopy says “i can’t compose”.
canooooopy weaves up new sounds free from music theoretics
and performance also beyonds all borders, self-other, time and nationalities.

DOWNLOAD “寂と瞬く混成体 [wordless enhanced glittery blend]” for FREE!!!!!

DOUBLE REMIXED LPs:"polymorphism vs remixes [壱]" / "polymorphism vs remixes [弐]"

format: digital

type: double LPs (albums)

release date: 2013.11.14

label: PIR▲.MD Records

remixers of [壱]: Kamutao, DOC Mastermind, BLKrKRT, Babel Mètis, Earversible, htrspltn, motes, Shoveem, Cltrlsndtrck, gabonan, Lidly, Tom Bombadil, Go Dugong, Dungeon Destroyah, Tall,Drk, Marrak, Eets, Vimana Aircraft, 食品まつり a.k.a. foodman, Ayl_E, Xavier Bonfill, Hirotaka Shirotsubaki 

remixers of [弐]: メトロノリ, Trabajo, André Uhl, Miyuki, axion117, mus.hiba, Go Yama, Aurélius, Magic Nanna, Earthquake Island, Kryone, Med Lin, liquid.sunshine., DENZITY, Ninja Camel, mononomonooto, mgkrp, Doc Heller, Mr. Vampire and his magic sound on fire, Harmful Logic,  Le Real 現実, James Frank. (bonus tune as ‘frooooonknstn’) 

total 44 remixers / runtime: 63minutes x 2

artwork: filmout

other: each album folder includes 22PDFs. these are trading-card-game like introduction of remixers (language is japanese). and, each album folder includes a special artwork. it moves on your browser!!!!!

FREE SINGLE: "ひょいとくだ巻く未亡人 [mind your widowed line]"

dedicated to: PIR▲.MD RECORDS

format: digital

type: single (SoundCloud)

release date: 2013.11.04

price: Free Download (ltd. 100)

(11th of PIR▲.MD’s Promotional Single Series on their SoundCloud

REMIX: "Celebration (canooooopy recollage)"

original artist: John Paxon

original EP: "RITUAL"

format: CD

type: mini album

release date: 2013.10.13

label: -

price: ¥600

BUY mini album “RITUAL” on ‘mona records’, japan

FREE SINGLE: "燭台と蜘蛛の糸 [candlestick+spidersilk]"

dedicated to: Wizards Only

format: digital

type: single (SoundCloud)

release date: 2013.10.11

price: Free Download (ltd. 100)

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COMPILATION: "Vibrational Beings"

group :

format: digital / cassette tape

type: compilation / limited edition cassette

release date: 2013.08.20

tracks: 11 / canoooooopy featured: 

03: 枯れ枝小径の踏み鳴らし [the dead branch devil]

total run time: 26 minutes

price: name your price (digital / now there’s problems to ship tapes…)

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FREE COLLAB TRACK: "Blue Salo (with canooooopy)"

collaborator: Ayl_E

featured on: "Giochi Senza Fine EP"

format: digital

type: EP

release date: 2013.07.22

label: -


tracks: 05 / canoooooopy featured:

04: Blue Salo (with canooooopy)

total run time: 38 minutes

price: name your price

FREE 2SIDE COLLAB SINGLE: "Thermographic" / "Homeostatic"

collaborator: Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

format: digital

type: double side single (SoundCloud)

release date: 2013.07.19

label: -

price: Free Download

FREE COMPILATION: "Nightfly Vol. 3"

group : Fly By Night Collective

format: digital

type: compilation

release date: 2013.07.16

tracks: 35 / canoooooopy featured: 

29: 泥でも食みやがれ [you suck it forever]

total run time: 82 minutes

price: name your price

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group : Grit Harvesters

format: digital

type: compilation

release date: 2013.07.15

tracks: 21 / canoooooopy featured: 

09: ハート搾取の指揮官 [heart catch commander]

total run time: 50 minutes

price: name your price

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